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Baby Bulldogs

Bulldog Prep Academy offers 5 day learning sessions to help our 1 year old children develop the social emotional, gross motor and basic academic skills that they will need as a foundation to more advanced learning.  Our curriculum is themed based, with a daily focus on play, music and movement, art and individualized learning activities as well as whole group social activities.


Morning and afternoon snack will be provided by the academy. You will be required to pack a lunch for your child.  If your child arrives before 8:00am and wishes to eat breakfast, you will need to provide breakfast for ONLY your child. Bulldog Prep Academy, LLC will provide regular 2% milk or almond milk for breakfast.  


Children eligible for this program are 12 to 23 months of age. 

Minimum requirements for children being considered for admission in our            Preschool Prep Progam:

        * Must not be taking a pacifier

        * Must drink from a regular water bottle with a flip top straw. Water                              bottles are filled with water ONLY.

        * Must not be bottle feeding

        * Must be eating regular food. Baby food will not be permitted.

        * Must take only one nap (between 12:30 and 2:45 each day). Naps                              will be on a cot that is at floor level. 

        * Fairly mobile and be able to pull themselves to standing. 

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