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Below are several sites that can be helpful to your family while your child is enrolled at Bulldog Prep Academy, LLC:

           Connect to this site to have 24/7 access to your tuition account record as well as make payments online (please note that online                            payments are subject to a 3% processing fee).

                    One of our favorite sites to move and groove to.  You may have heard your child sing some of the songs!


                 Those crazy, fanny pack-wearing guys know how to get your child moving.  Silly songs for a super silly dance party.  



                 This is a direct link to the Big Spring School District's website for Newville Elementary.



              Mt. Rock Elementary School - This is a direct link to the Big Spring School District's website for Mt. Rock Elementary.



              Oak Flat Elementary School - This is a direct link to theBig Spring School District's website for Oak Flat Elementary.



                                    For those families that may need financial assistance, the Early Learning Resource Center is the place to start.  Please                                         note that there is an application process and not every family is eligible.

                    Concerned that your child may not be meeting some of their developmental milestones?  We work with the CAIU to provided extra                        services to our students, when needed.  Support through Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Behavioral Intervention                              services helps us to collaborate to provide your child with the educational, social/emotional, and physical development that they                          need.

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